The Sweetest Game 🍬

This blog post is all about my experience with the game Candy Crush Saga

What game did you play?

I played the game Candy Crush Saga. In the game, players swap colored pieces of candy on the game board to match three or more of the same color. The matched pieces of candy are then cleared from the board allowing new pieces to fall into the empty spaces. If a player matches four or more candies, those create special candies that can clear a larger area of the board.

What game genre does your game fall into?

Candy Crush Saga is in the puzzle genre and more specifically is considered a "match three" puzzle game.

Research this game online and describe its community of players. Who plays this type of game?

According to Wikipedia, 58% of Candy Crush Saga players are women, while 46% of the players are in the GenX demographic.

Where did you play the game (mobile or computer or game platform)?

I play Candy Crush Saga through the app on my mobile phone. Playing through my phone, allows me to quickly play the game at any time throughout my day. Often I play while waiting for an appointment or during my lunch period.

How many times did you play?

I play Candy Crush Saga every day, although some days I may only play for 5 minutes. If I have been stuck on a level for a few days, I may spend more time playing to attempt to beat the level.

Describe what you did/did not like about the game.

My preferred game genre is puzzles but I particularly like Candy Crush Saga because of the objective of matching brightly colored pieces together. Additionally, I enjoy the unique challenge that each level brings and how each level is different. 

Are you a regular player?

I am a regular player of Candy Crush Saga. In fact, I have played the game consistently for the past 10 years. 

Will you play again?

Yes, I enjoy Candy Crush Saga and plan to continue playing the game.

What social media aspects are woven into the game you played? Provide at least one (1) specific example of how social media or a social media platform is integrated into the game.

Candy Crush Saga allows you to link your game to your Facebook account. By having your game linked to Facebook your game progress is always backed up, in case your mobile app is ever deleted. Having your game linked to Facebook also allows you to add your Facebook friends as Candy Crush Saga friends. Friends on the game can request and send lives to each other.


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